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Saturday Supper Club

Let us make you supper!
Get a delicious pasta dinner kit for 2, 4 or 6 people delivered to your door on Saturday, ready to heat and serve in 10 mins or less.
Each kit includes handcrafted fresh pasta, housemade sauce, complimentary toppings, and fresh bread.
New menus are posted weekly and new subscribers are welcome to sign up at any time.
Sign up any time to get dinner for 2 for $50 or subscribe weekly or biweekly to access discounted member pricing on every single dinner kit!
Once your purchase through this website you will receive a confirmation email where you can indicate allergies, provide delivery information and most importantly, choose the menus you'd like to receive. 
New subscribers must sign up by Wednesday to get dinner the following Saturday. Returning subscribers will get a delicious meal delivered every week or every other week automatically based on their chosen frequency.
The menu is different each week with exclusive pasta, sauce, and bread offerings that are not available on our regular a la carte menu.  
Deliveries between 1-4pm every Saturday.
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