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This is the perfect "set it and forget it" option for pasta lovers. Sign up once and guarantee an easy and delicious supper delivered to your door every Saturday.


Once we receive your subscription purchase we will send a confirmation email letting you know that your subscription has started. You will receive deliveries every Saturday until you pause, suspend, or cancel your subscription. 


Weekly supper club members are entitled to many benefits including:

  • Discounted member pricing

  • Access to all menus, regardless of spot count or sold out status 

    • If you see on our Instagram or website that "spots are low" or a menu is "sold out" but you haven't had the chance to select your new menus don't worry - these terms don't apply to you. 

  • Ability to purchase additional menus with member pricing

    • Let's say one week you have family coming over and you'd like to share your supper with them. If you usually receive a meal kit for 2, you can shoot us an email and purchase an additional kit for 2 at your member price instead of having to pay the higher single week price. ​

  • First dibs on specials and new add-on products

Sample Weekly Schedule

Sample Weekly Schedule.png
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